I don’t know if I consider myself a futurist. I don’t know if I respect those who are futurists, or if I’m disgusted by their role.

Futurists, when seen passively, rile up the masses and bring hope for a vision of the future. They excite people of the possibilities, and reflect on the exponential progress of humanity.

But this also comes with the assumption that progress is inevitable. Something which has been held true, but almost cruel to assume. For we can not give credit for those who do the inevitable. Without giving credit, there si no incentive to keep the torch lit. The fire of progress is diminished by the role of futurism.

But the future depends so profoundly on finding a vision that will change things. We all need a vision for the future, something that we can all follow, not for individual good, but for the good of humanity. To progress in one direcction and nto to faulter, to progress in one direction and make an absolute improvmeent. Diversifying may be a principle of the singularity, but it may not be the ideal system.

Futurists talk about the merits of ideas without actually contribbuting to them. They are the high-brow schmucks who become art critics in other fields, they’re the tech journalists, but they pride themselves in some even more superior delusion, that they see further. Oh how terrible and wretched those people are.

Yertle the turtle, they see farter than all else. They step on the backs of the hard working and useful and spit, saying that they are unworthy of such a view, yet also, how much they need to see this, but refusing to clim down off that stack of turtles.


About antimatter15

I am literally an upside down penguin. No, I'm not a gas mask, which I have been told this profile pic looks like in low resolutions (or squinting). But I have one. Or at least I'd like to pretend I do so you don't chloroform me. In truth, I only have eye protection, because apparently hackers can make your PC explode. Literally. Cool right? Well, that's why I have these safety googles within an arm's length - Well, for that or if I need to peel an orange.
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