what exactly are ideas, what are the random little things my neurons doing. i dont know, an i dont really have enough time to actually go around and say exatly the same thing i walways say again and again in these useless blog posts. becasuse i’m really hontestly lke a broken record though i dont think ive ever used that saying befre, but no i just am really boring. i just say useless things like that all the tiem and i say that sort of useless stuff because i really am dumb and simple and stupid beaucse i dont do anything in my life other than what i think i do..


About antimatter15

I am literally an upside down penguin. No, I'm not a gas mask, which I have been told this profile pic looks like in low resolutions (or squinting). But I have one. Or at least I'd like to pretend I do so you don't chloroform me. In truth, I only have eye protection, because apparently hackers can make your PC explode. Literally. Cool right? Well, that's why I have these safety googles within an arm's length - Well, for that or if I need to peel an orange.
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