the dissolution of trias politica

the branches of government are separate creatures. these creatures have internal complexity, a hierarchy and all characters which may define a bureaucracy. they each have goals and a plan for attaining them, but don’t necessarily act toward the same ends. this self instituted conflict acts as a buffer, separating both the innocent and guilty from this nebulous government. in principle, it is this buffer of inefficiency that protects the citizenry from an oppressive and dictatorial government.

rampant chauvanism has blurred the highly distinct notions of the government’s ability to detain and incarcerate criminals, that is, the ability for the executive branch to perform its duties, and what is best for the american public. the people are largely unaware that its own interests are better protected by an incompetent government than a swift one.

the three creatures of government live in an eternal symbiosis of sorts. the relationship is intended to be tenuous at times and fluid in others. the coagulated gel of progress is the slimy product of this most sacred symbiosis.

but like an angler fish’s mating ritual, it’s disintegrating from a commensalistic relationship into a parasitic one. the congressional and judicial creatures are biting on to the massively inflated executive host and dissolving into feeble gonads.

the legislative body is passing legislation outlawing commonplace behavior which is dubiously criminal. ill defined criterion in tandem with obscene sentencing lends to an obsolescence of law. when nigh all activities are branded illicit, there is no need to restrict behavior any further.

by no means does this imply this necessarily implies that all members of the population will be incarcerated. everyone will be a criminal by innumerable counts, but the government would not risk, and certainly could not benefit from the wholesale banishment of its constituency.

the government will only choose to trial those breaking the norms of acceptable behavior, with arbitrary discretion. no firm ideological basis is required for such claims, for the body of litigable evidence is preponderous for each and every individual. it is this indisputable body of evidence which can be just as arbitrarily conjured that dissolves the final leg of this trifecta. indisputable so-called facts render the judicial check null.

it is through this process that we are left with a singular body of government, the judge, jury and executioner. infinitely expedient and operating under the guise of a institution that keeps up with the rampant crime facilitated by a new age.


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