Nate Silver Facts

— “Nate Silver does not breathe air, he just periodically samples the atmosphere.”

— “Nate Silver’s samples have only a median and a mode. Because no number would be mean to Nate Silver.”

— “Results ask Nate Silver if they’re significant.”

— “Nate Silver can recite pi. Backwards.”

— “When Nate Silver asks you, ‘Wanna make a bet?’ the correct answer is no.”

— “Nate Silver owns a copy of the set of all sets that do not contain themselves. ”

— “Nate Silver once observed a particle’s position and momentum with a variance less than h/4*pi”

— “Nate Silver was able to solve the equations of the lorenz attractor with only analytic methods”

— “Nate Silver once walked over each of the bridges in Konigsberg exactly once.”

— Nate Silver knows who will be elected president in 2016. He is keeping it a secret because our pretensions to autonomy and free will amuse him.

— Nate Silver got a perfect score on the SAT’s without looking at the questions. He simply created a statistical model of the multiple-choice answer distribution and filled in the bubbles accordingly.

— Ah, you think noise is your ally. You’ve merely adopted the noise. Nate Silver was born in it, molded by it. Nate Silver didn’t see the signal until he was a man and by then it was only blinding!

Nate Silver’s Law – Any sufficently advanced mathmatical model is indistinguishable from reality.

Before going on a date, Nate Silver calculates the prior probability of reaching third Bayes.

Nate Silver has already solved P=NP…. And called the solution “trivial”

Nate Silver tipped the oracle off about Neo

Nate Silver knows which butterfly it was

When Tony Stark has a math problem, he calls Nate Silver.

There used to be lies, damn lies, and statistics. Now we have Nate Silver.



About antimatter15

I am literally an upside down penguin. No, I'm not a gas mask, which I have been told this profile pic looks like in low resolutions (or squinting). But I have one. Or at least I'd like to pretend I do so you don't chloroform me. In truth, I only have eye protection, because apparently hackers can make your PC explode. Literally. Cool right? Well, that's why I have these safety googles within an arm's length - Well, for that or if I need to peel an orange.
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