building a toothpick icosahedron

using a hot glue gun makes it too easy

anyway, so i use CD-roms as a platform for building because a) they’re disposable relics from my childhood b) they’re smooth and slightly bendy so you can pop the glue off when it’s dried, and you can etch things in there with an x-act knife

so imagine doing a toposort on the instructions because several steps are parallelizable (albeit not infinitely so), this is what you’d get (roughly)

build a regular pentagon a)
build a regular pentagon b)
attach five toothpicks to pentagon a) so that it forms a cap for the icosahedron
attach five toothpicks but without a pentagonal shell, this will form the bottom cap later on
glue five angle-shaped things (imagine making a bunch of equilateral triangles but only gluing one vertex)
attach pentagon b) with those angle shaped things and the cap made from pentagon a)
rotate the thing and attach the pentagonal cap to finish the icosahedron


About antimatter15

I am literally an upside down penguin. No, I'm not a gas mask, which I have been told this profile pic looks like in low resolutions (or squinting). But I have one. Or at least I'd like to pretend I do so you don't chloroform me. In truth, I only have eye protection, because apparently hackers can make your PC explode. Literally. Cool right? Well, that's why I have these safety googles within an arm's length - Well, for that or if I need to peel an orange.
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