The Taxocrat Manifesto

You have the responsibility to pay taxes and to not infringe on another’s ability to pay their taxes, and from that, derives your rights to life, liberty, and property.

I’m still not sure exactly if this is a work of satire, or a legitimately interesting thought experiment on the structure and workings of governments. The concept is easy to laugh off, why on Earth would we seek to live in a world which flagrantly derives all that is sacred on such a flawed and human institution as taxes?

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

But sometimes the most insightful ideas are the ones which are drawn in jest. If Benjamin Franklin could joke about the inevitability of both institutions, maybe the latter can too be transcendental.

The Libertarian Fallacy

The idea of a taxocracy didn’t just spontaneously emerge, it’s kind of the absurd culmination of several fairly reasonable ideas. The first of which, is what I call the libertarian fallacy.



I wrote this draft 5 years ago and never ended up finishing it so I might as well dump it here now.


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